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The Survey of Scottish Witchcraft is the result of a two-year project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), grant no. R000239234. The primary goal of the project was to create a database of people accused of witchcraft in Scotland between 1563 and 1736. The aim was to collect, collate and record all known information about accused witches and witchcraft belief in a Microsoft Access database and to create a web-based user interface for the database. Users can view the data through our online web interfaces (searching, graphing and mapping capabilities) or they can download the full database into their own copy of MS Access. The web interfaces and database were designed to enable the public and academic researchers to examine biographical and social information about accused witches; cultural and sociological patterns of witchcraft belief and accusation; community, ecclesiastical and legal procedures of investigation and trial, national and regional variations; and the chronology and geography of witchcraft accusation and prosecution.

The project's director was Dr Julian Goodare, a lecturer in Scottish History at the University of Edinburgh, with Dr Louise Yeoman (formerly a curator at the National Library of Scotland, later a researcher with BBC Scotland) as co-director. Dr Joyce Miller and Ms Lauren Martin conducted the research and database maintenance. For more details of how the work was done see History of the Project.

About the project :

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