Scottish History

The Survey of Scottish Witchcraft

sources and bibliography  


  1. Manuscript Sources: Secular

    National Archives of Scotland (NAS)

    JC2/1-17 (18 and 19 not for production)
    JC10/4-5 (old, Renfrewshire and Paisley cases)
    JC11/1-9 (north circuit)
    JC12/1-5 (south circuit)
    JC13/1-7 (west circuit)
    JC40 (witchcraft papers)

    All JP indexes

    PC1/50 (this index was not consulted as it was not available for production)

    NAS Indexes
    High Court Record, Index No. 1 - 15 July 1537-25 Nov 1785
       (not a complete listing of cases in JC2 and JC3).
    Justiciary Records, Books of Adjournal, O. S., vol. 5, 1611-1619, index
    Justiciary Records, Books of Adjournal, O. S., vol. 6, 1619-1631, Index
    Index to Justiciary Records, 1699-1720

    National Library of Scotland
    Advocates' MS 31.3.10 (PC register of commissions)

    Orkney Archives
    JP34/2/1 1663-1668, also includes material from 1676-1677
    JP34/2/1 minute books, quarter sessions 9 Oct. 1663-12 Aug. 1668
    JP34/5/1 1658-1659 (24 items)
    JP34/5/1/56 1658-1659
    JP24/5/2 1716, 1755, 1783-1799 (8 items)
    SC10/1/6 1630-1648
    SC10/1/7 1655-1659
    SC10/1/9 1655-1677
    SC11/5 indexes 1561-1737

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  2. Manuscript sources: Ecclesiastical

    National Archives of Scotland, unless otherwise specified.
    (There is often a microfilm copy at the NAS of manuscripts held at local archives.)

    Presbytery Records
    Aberdeen, CH2/1/1-8
    Aberlour, CH2/6/1-3
    Abernethy, CH2/437/1
    Abertarff, CH2/7/1
    Arbroath, CH2/15/1-5
    Auchterarder, CH2/619/1-2
    Ayr, CH2/532/1-5 (Ayrshire Archives)
    Biggar, CH2/35/1-8
    Brechin, CH2/40/1-9
    Cairston, CH2/46/1 (Orkney Archives)
    Caithness, CH2/47/1-4
    Chanonry, CH2/66/1-4
    Chirnside, CH2/516/1-4
    Cupar, CH2/82/1-7 (St Andrews University Library)
    Dalkeith, CH2/424/1-12
    Deer, CH2/89/1-5
    Dingwall, CH2/92/1-6
    Dornoch, CH2/1290/1-2
    Dumbarton, CH2/546/1-4
    Dumfries, CH2/1284/1-7
    Dunbar, CH2/99/1-6
    Dunblane, CH2/723/1-9 (Stirling Council Archives)
    Dundee, CH2/103/1-11 (Stirling Council Archives)
    Dunfermline, CH2/105/1-6
    Dunkeld, CH2/106/1-6
    Dunoon, CH2/111/1-4
    Duns, CH2/113/1-6
    Earlston, CH2/118/1-4
    Edinburgh, CH2/121/ 1-13
    Elgin, CH2/144/1-6
    Ellon, CH2/146/1-8
    Fordoun, CH2/157/1-5
    Fordyce, CH2/158/1-6
    Forfar, CH2/159/1-3
    Forres, CH2/162/1-2
    Garioch, CH2/166/1-5
    Glasgow, CH2/171/1-11 (Glasgow City Archives)
    Haddington, CH2/155/1-12
    Hamilton, CH2/393/1-3
    Inveraray, CH2/190/1-2
    Inverness, CH2/553/1-5
    Irvine, CH2/197/1-4
    Jedburgh, CH2/198/1-9
    Kincardine O'Neil, CH2/602/1-2
    Kintyre, CH2/1153/1-3
    Kirkcaldy, CH2/224/1-6
    Kirkcudbright, CH2/526/1-4
    Lanark, CH2/234/1-8
    Linlithgow, CH2/242/1-13
    Lochmaben, CH2/247/1-3
    Lorn, CH2/984/1-3
    Meigle, CH2/263/1-9
    Middlebie (Annan), CH2/267/1-3
    Mull, CH2/273/1
    North Isles, CH2/1801/1-2 (Orkney Archives)
    Orkney, CH2/1082/1-7 (Orkney Archives)
    Paisley, CH2/294/1-9
    Peebles, CH2/295/1-10
    Penpoint, CH2/298/1-3
    Perth, CH2/299/1-14
    Scalloway, CH2/1071/1-3
    Selkirk, CH2/327/1-3
    St Andrews, CH2/1132/1-4 (St Andrews University Library)
    St Andrews, CH2/1132/1585-1605 (no NAS catalogue number) (St Andrews University Library)
    St Andrews, CH2/1132/1641-1656 (no NAS catalogue number) (St Andrews University Library)
    St Andrews, CH2/1132/1656-1687 (no NAS catalogue number) (St Andrews University Library)
    St Andrews, CH2/1132/1693-1698 (no NAS catalogue number) (St Andrews University Library)
    St Andrews, CH2/1132/1699-1705 (no NAS catalogue number) (St Andrews University Library)
    Stirling, CH2/722/1-12 (Stirling Council Archives)
    Stranraer, CH2/341/1-3
    Strathbogie, CH2/342/2-5
    Tain, CH2/348/1-6
    Tongue, CH2/508/1
    Turriff, CH2/1120/1-4
    Wigtown, CH2/373/1-3

    Kirk Session Records
    Aberdour, CH2/3/1
    Airth, CH2/683/1
    Alloa & Tullibody, CH2/942/5 (Stirling Council Archives)
    Alves, CH2/11/1
    Anstruther Easter, CH2/625/1 (St Andrews University Library)
    Anstruther Wester, CH2/624/1 & 3 (St Andrews University Library)
    Arbuthnott, CH2/16/1 & 2
    Ashkirk, CH2/650/1
    Auchterhouse, CH2/23/1 (Dundee City Archives)
    Auchtermuchty, CH2/24/1 (St Andrews University Library)
    Avendale, CH2/930/1
    Ayr, CH2/751/1(/1 & 2), 2, 3 (/1 & 2) (Ayrshire Archives)
    Bathgate, CH2/30/1
    Belhelvie, CH2/32/1& 2
    Bolton, CH2/37/1
    Borharm & Dundurcas, CH2/1115/1
    Botriphinie, CH2/39/1
    Burntisland, CH2/523/1 & 2
    Cambuslang Old, CH2/415/1
    Cannisbay, CH2/52/1
    Carluke, CH2/56/1
    Carrington, CH2/62/1
    Castleton, CH2/64/1
    Ceres, CH2/65/1 (St Andrews University Library)
    Clackmannan, CH2/1242/1
    Clatt, CH2/971/1
    Cleish, CH2/67/1
    Colinton, CH2/123/1 (Transcript of vol 1, CH2/123/1/1)
    Colmonell, CH2/425//1
    Corstorphine, CH2/124/1
    Cortachy, CH2/561/1
    Covington, CH2/72/1
    Cramond, CH2/426/1
    Croy, CH2/76/1
    Cullen, CH2/1113/1
    Culross, CH2/77/2 & 4
    Dairsie, CH2/427/1
    Dalkeith, CH2/84/1 & 3
    Dalmellington, CH2/85/1 (Ayrshire Archives)
    Dron, CH2/93/1
    Duffus, CH2/96/1/2
    Dumfries, St Michael's, CH2/537/13
    Dunbar, CH2/647/1
    Dunbarney, CH2/100/2
    Dunblane, CH2/101/1 (Stirling Council Archives)
    Dundonald, CH2/104/1-3 (Ayrshire Archives)
    Dunfermline, CH2/592/1
    Dunino, CH2/405/1 (St Andrews University Library)
    Dyce, CH2/117/1
    Dysart, CH2/390/2
    Ecclesmachan, CH2/623/1
    Edinburgh, Canongate, CH2/122/2, 3 & 4
    Edinburgh, St Cuthbert's, CH2/718/1, 3 & 6 (Volume 2 too damaged, not available for consultation)
    Edinburgh, Trinity, CH2/141/1 & 3
    Edinkillie, CH2/432/1
    Elgin, St Giles, CH2/145/1, 2, 5 & 7
    Ellon, CH2/147/2
    Essil, CH2/839/1
    Falkirk, CH2/400/1 & 2
    Falkland, CH2/428/1 & 2 (St Andrews University Library)
    Fenwick, CH2/982/1
    Ferryport-on-Craig, CH2/150/1 (St Andrews University Library)
    Fetteresso, CH2/153/1
    Fintry, CH2/438/1 (Stirling Council Archives)
    Fordyce, CH2/1114/1
    Forglen, CH2/869/1
    Forgue, CH2/539/1
    Forres, CH2/1448/1
    Fraserburgh, CH2/1142/2 & 3
    Galston, CH2/1335/2 & 5
    Gargunnock, CH2/1121/1 (Stirling Council Archives)
    Glasgow, St Mungo's, CH2/550/1 & 2 (Glasgow City Archives)
    Govan, CH2/1277/1 (Glasgow City Archives)
    Grange, CH2/541/2
    Haddington, CH2/799//1 & 3
    Hamilton, Old, CH2/465/7
    Humbie, CH2/389/1
    Hutton & Fishwick, CH2/466/1
    Inchbrayock, CH2/616/1
    Inchture, CH2/188/1 (Dundee City Archives)
    Innerwick, CH2/1463/1
    Inveraray, CH2/663/1
    Inveravon, CH2/191/1
    Inveresk, CH2/531/1
    Inverurie, CH2/196/1
    Kelso, CH2/1173/2 & 4
    Kemback, CH2/204/1 (St Andrews University Library)
    Kemnay, CH2/542/1
    Kennoway, CH2/206/1
    Kilconquhar, CH2/210/1 & 2 (St Andrews University Library)
    Kilmadock, CH2/212/2 (Stirling Council Archives)
    Kilmarnock, CH2/1252/1
    Kilwinning, CH2/591/1
    Kinfauns, CH2/582/1
    Kingarth, CH2/219/1
    Kinghorn, East, CH2/472/1
    Kinglassie, CH2/406/1
    Kinnaird, CH2/418/1 (Dundee City Archives)
    Kinneff, CH2/218/1
    Kinnell, CH2/574/1
    Kirkliston, CH2/229/1
    Kirknewton, CH2/412/1
    Kirkoswald, CH2/562/1 (Ayrshire Archives)
    Lasswade, CH2/471/1, 2 & 3
    Liberton, CH2/383/1
    Lilliesleaf, CH2/241/1
    Linlithgow, St Michael's, CH2/740/1
    Livingston, CH2/467/2
    Logierait, CH2/694/2
    Longforgan, CH2/249/1 (Dundee City Archives)
    Longside, CH2/699/1 & 2
    Lyne, CH2/255/1
    Markinch, CH2/258/1 & 2
    Melrose, CH2/386/1
    Menmuir, CH2/264/1
    Mid Calder, CH2/266/1
    Monkton, CH2/809/1 & 5 (Ayrshire Archives)
    Montrose, CH2/943/1
    Mortlach, CH2/529/1
    Newbattle, CH2/276/4
    Newburgh, CH2/277/1 (St Andrews University Library)
    Newburn, CH2/278/1 (St Andrews University Library)
    Newton, CH2/283/1 & 2
    Newtyle West CH2/284/1
    North Berwick, CH2/285/4
    North Leith, CH2/621/1
    Old Machar, Aberdeen, CH2/1020/1, 2 & 3
    Oldhamstocks, CH2/288/1
    Ormiston, CH2/292/1
    Peebles Old, CH2/420/1
    Pencaitland, CH2/296/1
    Penicuik, CH2/297/1
    Perth, St John's, CH2/521/2
    Petty, CH2/458/1
    Pittenweem, CH2/833/1 (St Andrews University Library)
    Polwarth, CH2/721/1
    Queensferry, South, Old CH2/689/1
    Rothesay, CH2/890/1
    Rothiemay, CH2/416/1& 2
    Rutherglen, CH2/315/1 (Glasgow City Archives)
    St Madoes, CH2/1198/1& 2 (St Andrews University Library)
    St Nicholas, Aberdeen, CH2/448/5 & 8
    Scoonie, CH2/326/1
    Shapinsay, CH2/1100/1
    Shotts, CH2/460/1
    Slains, CH2/480/1
    South Leith, CH2/716/1, 3, 5 & 6
    Stirling, Holy Rude, CH2/1026/1, 3 & 4 (Stirling Council Archives)
    Stirling, St Ninian's, CH2/337/1 (Stirling Council Archives)
    Stow, CH2/338/1 & 2
    Tealing, CH2/352/1 (Dundee City Archives)
    Thurso, St Peter's, CH2/414/1
    Tillicoultry, CH2/726/1 (Stirling Council Archives)
    Tyninghame, CH2/359/1 & 2
    Wemyss, CH2/365/1 & 2
    Yester, CH2/377/1 & 2

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  3. Other manuscript sources

    Aberdeen City Archives, Press 18/64 Witchcraft no. 4 & 6
    Glasgow City Archives, Pollok Papers, T-PM 107/14/7-8
    Dundee City Archives, Dundee Burgh Court Books, Volumes 29, 31, 32, 34
    Dundee City Archives, Dundee Treasurer's Accounts, Volume 3 (1646-96)
    Ayr Archives, Ayr Court Book B/37/11/1-2
    Ayrshire Archives, Ayr Court Book B6/12/13
    Orkney Archives, Marwick Papers, D31/4/3
    Orkney Archives, Marwick Papers, D31/4/4

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  4. Printed primary sources

    The Acts of Parliament of Scotland, (APS), volumes 3, 6 (parts 1 & 2) & 7, T. Thomson and C. Innes (editors), London, 1814-75.

    Ayr Burgh Accounts, 1534-1624,George S. Pryde (editor), Scottish History Society, Edinburgh, 1937.

    Calendar of State Papers Relating to Scotland and Mary Queen of Scots, 1547-1603, volumes 3-9, W. K. Boyd (editor), Edinburgh, 1936.

    Court Books of Orkney and Shetland, 1612-1613, Robert S. Barclay (editor), Kirkwall, 1962.

    Court Books of Orkney and Shetland, 1614-1615, Robert S. Barclay (editor), Scottish History Society, Edinburgh, 1967.

    The Court Book of Shetland, 1602-1604, Gordon Donaldson (editor), Scottish Record Society, Edinburgh, 1954.

    Court Book of Shetland, 1615-1629, Gordon Donaldson (editor), Lerwick, 1991.

    Francis H. Groome, Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland: A Survey of Scottish Topography, Statistical, Biographical, and Historical, volumes 1-6, Edinburgh, 1885.

    Highland Papers, volume 3, J. R. N. Macphail (editor), Scottish History Society, Edinburgh, 1920.

    Justiciary Records, Volume II 1669-1673, W. G. Scott-Moncreiff (editor), Scottish History Society, Edinburgh, 1905.

    Justiciary Records of Argyll and the Isles, volume 1, 1664-1705, John Cameron (editor), Stair Society, Edinburgh, 1949.

    Miscellany of the Maitland Club, volume II, part I, Acts and Statues of the Lawting Sheriff and Justice Courts within Orkney and Zetland, 1602-1644, Edinburgh, 1840.

    Miscellany of the Spalding Club, volumes 1, 4 & 5, John Stuart (editor), Aberdeen, 1841-52.

    Miscellany of the Spottiswoode Society, volume 2, James Maidment (editor), Edinburgh, 1844-5.

    R. Pitcairn (editor), Criminal Trials in Scotland, 3 volumes, Bannatyne Club, Edinburgh, 1833.

    Records of the Commissioners of the General Assemblies of the Church of Scotland, 1646-1647, volume 1, Alexander F. Mitchell and James Christie, Scottish History Society, Edinburgh, 1892-1909.

    Rotuli Scaccarii Regum Scotorum: The Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, volume xx, J. Stuart et al (editors), Edinburgh, 1899-1908.

    Selected Justiciary Cases, volume I, S.A. Gillon (editor), Stair Society, Edinburgh, 1953.

    Selected Justiciary Cases, volume II, J. Irvine Smith (editor), Stair Society, Edinburgh, 1972.

    Selected Justiciary Cases, volume III, J. Irvine Smith (editor), Stair Society, Edinburgh, 1974.

    The Earl of Stirling's register of royal letters relative to affairs of Scotland and Nova Scotia from 1615 to 1635, volume 2, William Alexander, Earl of Stirling (editor), Edinburgh, 1885.

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  5. Secondary sources and reference works

    George F. Black, Surnames of Scotland, New York, 1946.

    Concise Scots Dictionary, Aberdeen, 1987.

    W. Traill Dennison and Ernest W Marwick, Orkney Folklore and Traditions, Kirkwall, 1961.

    Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (DOST).

    Patricia Hanks and Flavia Hodges, Dictionary of First Names, Oxford, 1990.

    Christina Larner et al., A Source Book of Scottish Witchcraft, SSRC project, Department of Sociology, The University of Glasgow, 1977.

    Maria Leach (editor), Funk & Wagnall's Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology and Legend, New York, 1949.

    Hew Scott (editor), Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae: The Succession of Ministers in the Church of Scotland from the Reformation, Edinburgh, 1915-28.

    Sir John Sinclair (editor), The Statistical Account of Scotland, 1791-1799, Edinburgh, 1791-99.

    Scottish National Dictionary (SND).

    Stith Thompson, Motif Index of Folk Literature, Copenhagen, 1958.

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