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Louise Yeoman

Louise Yeoman, M.A., Ph.D., F.R.S.A.

Twice a graduate of the University of St Andrews, she has been curator of early modern manuscripts and cataloguer of the Wodrow Collection at the National Library of Scotland since 1992. Prior to that, she worked for a year at the National Archives of Scotland and for a short time at Glasgow University Library. In 1996 she was curator of the Library's Jacobite exhibition A Nation Divided. In 1996-97 she was seconded to BBC Scotland as writer and presenter of the BBC TV series Stirring Times. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Scottish History and a co-director of 'A Survey of Scottish Witchcraft, 1563-1736'.

Her research interests include Calvinist Spirituality in Scotland, the witch-hunt, female visionaries and demonic possession. She is currently working on a book, Scotland's Invisible Worlds Discovered: Saints, Witches and Madmen in Covenanting Scotland and Elsewhere, for Macmillan Press, and also on an edition of the poetry of James Melville for the Scottish Text Society (edited jointly with David Atkinson, president of Brock University).

She is a member of council of the Scottish History Society and the Scottish Church History Society.

Louise is a frequent contributor to Scottish radio and television. Her leisure interests include discussing arty cinema over a Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic, watching The Sopranos and playing Alabama 3's 'Woke Up this Morning' very loudly indeed.

Main Publications

i. Books

Reportage Scotland: History in the Making (Luath Press and National Library of Scotland, 2000).

ii. Articles

'The Devil as doctor: witchcraft, Wodrow and the wider world' Scottish Archives, 1 (1995)—a comparative study between demonic possession in Calvinist Scotland and Counter-Reformation France.

'Archie's invisible worlds discovered: spirituality, madness and Johnston of Wariston's family', Records of the Scottish Church History Society, 26 (1997).

'Covenanting prophetesses and visionaries: visions of Heaven and Hell', in Lizanne Henderson (ed.), 'Fantasticall Ymaginations': the Supernatural in Scottish Culture (East Linton, 2001, forthcoming).

'Hunting the rich witch in Scotland: high status witch suspects and their persecutors, 1590-1650', in Julian Goodare (ed.), The Scottish Witch-Hunt in Context (Manchester, 2002, forthcoming).

Contact Louise Yeoman on:

Tel: [0]131 226 4531, ext. 2325

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