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Affiliated Colleagues

Name & Location Research Interest

Dr Afe Adogame



School of Divinity

African diaspora and migration

Prof Crispin Bates (


Centre for South Asian Studies

Scottish roles in India and migration and emigration of Indians during the colonial period

Dr Adam Budd



Graduate School of History, Classics, and Archaeology

Scottish physicians and booksellers who were resident in London from c.1730 to c.1770

Dr Marina Carter


Centre for South Asian Studies

Social history of former Indian Ocean colonies and Scottish influence in this region

Dr Lawrence Dritsas



Science Studies Unit

Southern African history, including the role of Scots explorers, colonial officials and indeed settlers in countries of the region

Dr Ian Duffield (


School of History, Classics, and Archaeology

The African Diaspora to the UK and colonial Australia

David S Forsyth



Senior Curator, Scottish Social History and Diaspora

National Museums Scotland

The material culture of the Scottish Diaspora, Scottish national identity and the Diaspora, the associational culture of the Scottish Diaspora, Scottish military diaspora

Dr James Fraser



School of History, Classics, and Archaeology

Identities and the movements (real and imagined) of communities and populations in early medieval Britain and Ireland

Prof Caroline Heycock



Linguistics and English Language

Language change and diffusion

Dr Michelle Keown (

English Literature

Postcolonial diasporas and literatures, British settler diasporas in Australian, Canadian and New Zealand literature

Dr David W Kim



School of Divinity

Korean Diasporas in Scotland: Community, Business and Religion

Lea Kreinin


University of Glasgow

The Estonian community in Scotland

Dr Amy Lloyd



School of History, Classics, and Archaeology

British emigration, 19th and early-20th centuries

Dr Fiona J Mackintosh



Hispanic Studies

Literary and cultural relations between Scotland and Latin America, particularly the Southern Cone

Dr Wilson McLeod (


Celtic and Scottish Studies

Highland communities and the role of Gaelic in the diaspora (both today and in the past)

Prof Bob Morris



Economic and Social History

Scottish contribution to associational culture

Dr Jude Murison



School of Social and Political Science

Great Lakes Region of Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo)

Prof Stana Nenadic



School of History, Classics, and Archaeology

Scots in London c.1700-1850, with a particular focus on professional Scots, Diasporic textiles and fashions

Prof Jo Shaw



Law School

Connections between states in so far as concerns the rights to vote of resident non-nationals and of non-resident nationals, and some of the so-called "kin state" legislation in central and eastern Europe. This inevitably leads to some consideration of the issue of diasporas

Mark Smith



Social Work, Social and Political Studies

Ways in which Scots have influenced the development of education and social welfare in the US and in particularly North Carolina


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