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Graduate Studies

The School of History, Classics and Archaeology has a number of taught Master's programmes drawing on the expertise of the scholars of the Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies and others within the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, in particular the MSc in History (link to: ).  These are one-year degrees which provide, potentially, a qualification for embarking on a PhD. 

The MSc by Research in History and the PhD / MPhil in History also provide opportunities to study topics related to Diaspora and Migration history.

Initial enquiries about graduate study should be emailed to



Two PhD scholarships are attached to the Centre. The William R McFarlane PhD Scholarship and the Scottish Government PhD Studentship.



Diaspora Studies Graduate Workshop

The interdisciplinary Diaspora Studies Workshop launched by the Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies in 2009 is open to all MSc and PhD students working in the field of diaspora and migration.


Diaspora Studies Graduate Workshop – further details



Current Students



Sonia Baker
MSc, Edinburgh: 'Scots in eighteenth century Grenada: a study of the life and times of Ninian Home (1732-1795), plantation and slave owner - family, friends, networks and other connections’

Sarah McCaslin (McFarlane scholar)
MSc, Edinburgh: '"Great Gathering of the Clans": Scottish Clubs and Societies in Scotland and America, 1750-c.1850'

Andrew Phemister MPhil, Cambridge: 'Henry George and the Irish Diaspora'


Oisin Plumb (McFarlane scholar) MSc, Edinburgh: 'Swimming
Against the Tide? - Early Medieval Migrants from Scotland to Ireland'


Sophie Cooper (McFarlane scholar) M.Phil, Trinity College, Dublin: 'Nationalism in the Irish Diaspora: Melbourne and Chicago, 1850-1890'


Iain Watson
MSc Edinburgh, holder of the Scottish Government PhD Studentship: 'Scottish Migration Myths; their origins, durability and validity – a comparative study of the sojourning migrant Scots of Hong Kong and the settled Scots diaspora of New Zealand'


Iida Saarinen MSc, Edinburgh: ‘Belonging" in a Roman Catholic Seminary in the Nineteenth Century? A Prosopographical Study of Students and Social Identities at "Scots College Paris", 1793-1878’



MSc by Research


Katy Johnston MA (Hons), Edinburgh: Study of Chinese immigration into postwar Britain


Former Students




Charles Bradford Bow, PhD, 2012: 'The End of the Scottish Enlightenment in its Transatlantic Context: Moral education in the thought of Dugald Stewart and Samuel Stanhope Smith, 1790-1812'

David Ritchie MSc, Edinburgh: '"They do not become Good Scotsmen", A Political History of the anti-Irish campaign in Scotland 1919-1939'


Lindsey Flewelling, PhD, 2012: 'Ulster Unionism and America, 1880-1920'


David Hesse, PhD, 2011: 'Warrior Dreams: Playing Scotsmen in mainland Europe, 1945-2010'

Mario Varricchio, PhD, 2012: 'From the Mother Country: Oral Narratives of British Emigration to the United States, 1860-1940'

MSc by Research in History


Patrick Watt MSc, 2013 'Scottish-influenced battalions of the Canadian militia in the Great War'


Sonia Baker MSc, 2010: 'Scottish Planters in the British West Indies, c.1760-1840'


Sarah McCaslin MSc, 2010: '"Most harmonious agreeable and happy corporation in the B[ritish] Kingdom": Scottish Patriotism in Eighteenth Century Scottish Clubs and Societies'

MSc in Diaspora and Migration History


Katie Forbes MSc, 2013


Claire Johnston MSc, 2013

Dylan Clark, MSc, 2012


Joe Henry, MSc, 2012

Megan Nicholson, MSc, 2012


Iain Watson, MSc, 2012


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