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Name: Nike Adjusting Her Sanda
Description: Balustrade of the Nike Bastion, Athens, Akropolis. Athens, Akropolis Museum. H. 1.01m. Headless winged Nike bends to tie her sandal, lifting her right leg as she reaches down with her right hand. Her body is visible through the draperies, which accentuate her figure in sinuous folds. The pose is awkward, but the realisation of the scheme is executed in such magnificent style that it does not signify.
Date: c. 410-407 B.C.
Discussion: The Nike bastion temple was decorated with two seated Athena figures, then several winged Nikes engaged in various pursuits. Robertson points to the designer being Agorakritos (p. 125), executor of the cult statue of Nemesis at Rhamnous. See Robertson 1981: fig. 169, p. 125; Stewart 1990: 166-7; 420 (ill.).