LEMBA 8260,


LARC is the base for the Lemba Archaeological Project, director Prof. E. Peltenburg, manager Dr Paul Croft, assistant manager Dr. Diane Bolger, all members of the University of Edinburgh's Department of Archaeology.

The centre is open to all serious students and researchers whose interests involve fieldwork. Booking guidelines are issued in order to assist those seeking to use the facilities of LARC and in response to increasing demands for fieldwork and/or research accommodation.

Priority is given to researchers attached to the Lemba Archaeological Project and to the U of E. In general, while this is primarily an archaeological facility, bookings are encouraged from all disciplines with a fieldwork component, especially those concerned with the conservation and recording of environmental and ecological conditions.

LARC comprises a workroom with 5 large tables, computer, printer, microscope and sundry equipment, two LAP storerooms (one detached), kitchen, bathroom with 2 showers and 2 bedrooms. There is also ample roof space available for sleeping in warm weather. The daily charge is C 3 per person per day/night (2.50 for ASOR members). Users are expected to let Paul Croft know their ETA, to leave the Centre clean and tidy, and to observe the guidelines posted around the Centre.

Applications for bookings should be made to E. Peltenburg at the University stating purpose, dates requested, number of users, whether the whole Centre is required and if/how much storage space is required after the booking. Note that exclusive booking of the Centre is seldom possible.

Prof. Edgar Peltenburg (Dir.), 06/01