Limestone statuette from Lemba Building 1, c. 3000 BC


Entrance sign to the Centre in Lemba   Flowers and vines envelope the Centre
ASOR is associated with LARC

ASOR is associated with LARC

  CBRL is associated with LARC

CBRL is associated with LARC


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The Lemba Archaeological Research Centre is the field base for the Lemba Archaeological Project and is under the overall direction of Professor Edgar Peltenburg. It is located in two old stone-built houses which we have renovated and equiped with the necessities of modern living. The accommodation consists of a study room and adjoining storeroom, a bedroom/study capable of sleeping three people, a staff bedroom, kitchen and toilet/shower facilities. There is a large open courtyard which is ideal for dining, relaxing and work, and there is ample roof or ground space available for team members who wish to camp. The manager, Dr. Paul Croft, maintains the centre and organises accommodation for visiting groups and researchers using the centre.We are currently involved in a long term programme of continuous upgrading to the facilities at the centre in order to provide more extensive and comfortable accommodation. For further information of activities and LARC availability, please contact the address below.

 Courtyard of the centre (1)

 Courtyard of the centre (2)

These are two views of our centre which consists of two traditional Cypriot houses
around a central courtyard shaded by an ancient Tremithea tree.

The centre is situated in the picturesque village of Lemba which lies 6km north of the World Heritage city and holiday resort of Paphos. Lemba has several hundred inhabitants and is situated on highground overlooking the Mediterranean at the head of two small streams. It is surrounded by open fields and orchards giving it a very pleasant and rural feel despite being so close to Paphos. It is reasonably well connected to the town by bus or taxi services and there are ample shopping and restaurant/cafe establishments within easy walking distance.

  View down the Lemba valley  Part of the neighbouring Art College  Traditional adjacent house about to be upgraded to a kafeneion  Footpath down to spring in front of Centre

Four views of the village of Lemba

The picture above show how Lemba has survived much of the development taking place around it and has still managed to preserve the atmosphere of a small peaceful Cypriot village. The views show two of the old houses in the village (centre), one occupied by the Cyprus College of Art. Left is a scenic panorama from our centre looking west along the Lemba valley to the sea and right is the well at the head of the Lemba Valley.

One further attraction in the village is the pottery shop of our neighbours George and Soteroulla. They run a small business on the premises producing a range of attractive and innovative wares which are sought after by many of the visitors to the village and to the Lemba Experimental Village.

Adjacent pottery workshop
The Lemba Pottery Shop.

The Lemba Archaeological Research Centre can be contacted by email at: E.Peltenburg@ed.ac.uk

or by post to:

Lemba Archaeological Research Centre,
LEMBA 8260,
Paphos District,

Booking Conditions

For further information of activities and LARC availability contact: Prof. Edgar Peltenburg, University of Edinburgh, Department of Archaeology, Old High School, 12 Infirmary Street, EDINBURGH EH1 1LT, Scotland.UK

E-mail: E.Peltenburg@ed.ac.uk or paulcroft@cytanet.com.cy