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Archaeology Fieldwork

Fieldwork - excavation and archaeological survey - plays a central role in our teaching and research activities. Archaeology staff have led field projects in many parts of Britain, continental Europe, the Mediterranean and Middle East, and we actively encourage our students to join in our research teams.

Through their participation in these projects students acquire a sound knowledge of archaeological field techniques, learn the importance of teamwork, and develop other (transferable) skills.


Typically, we advertise for volunteers in December/January and the actual fieldwork takes place over the Easter or Summer breaks. This varies depending on the specific fieldwork.


Note:  Before committing yourself to a fieldwork project, read the Practical Work and Vacation Grant Regulations and obtain written approval.


Our current fieldwork projects cover a very broad chronological and geographical range, and include:


SUMMER 2016:
Excavations suitable for all students (including 1st year students)


Departmental/School excavations

More fieldwork opportunities on the way.


Alternative Funding:


Students who are not eligible to apply for the Vacation Grant, may be eligible to apply for alternative funding:


Principal's Go Abroad Fund



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