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Careers - What can I do with my degree?

If you're wondering about what you can do with a degree from the School of History, Classics or Archaeology, the options are many and varied.  Whilst some graduates choose career areas related to their studies, others enter occupations more aligned to their individual interests, motivations and experience, rather than their degree subject.

Have a look at the resources on our website to give you some ideas. It can be interesting to see what previous graduates from your subject area have gone on to do with their degree.  Ask for the 'Destination of Leavers from Higher Education' surveys in the Careers Service, or find them online at the page just mentioned.  NB - this is just 6 months after graduation however, and only provides a snapshot in time.

The key question is what do you want to do with your degree?  Working out what you want for your future after graduation is no mean feat.  The Career planning section of our website is a useful start.  Come and browse the ‘Getting started’ section of the Careers Information Centre, and have a look at the relevant orange folder labelled 'Starting your career planning' for students in this School.  The Explore your options section of our website has lots of resources and starting points to help you too. You might also like to browse the School's collection of alumni case studies.


Why not come and talk it over with a Careers Consultant?

Have you thought about the skills you're gaining whilst you're studying here at Edinburgh?  You might find the student employability profile for your subject interesting - kept in the orange folders mentioned above.  What about those gained from a part-time job, voluntary work or being involved in a student club or society too? Employers are looking for more than just a degree from applicants. The self-awareness section of our online course 'Career Ed' helps you think more about your skills, and what else you have to offer. Reflecting on your experiences can help you in considering which skills you might want to use in your future career, but also what else you've learnt about yourself, your interests and motivations along the way.


Want to find out about different careers and options?
The Careers Information Centre and website has a wide range of occupational information and resources to help you explore a hugely diverse range of career options - pretty much anything you can think of.  What does the job actually involve?  How to you get started?  What are employers looking for?

Maybe you're considering further study, thinking of working abroad, or doing some voluntary work, starting your own business perhaps or taking some time out?  Whatever your ideas, we can support your progress.



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